Hu Anti-NKX3.1 IgG

Product name Anti-Nkx3.1 antibody [EPR14970] Description Rabbit monoclonal [EPR14970] to Nkx3.1 Host species Rabbit Proven applications Suitable for: WB, IHC-P Species reactivity Reacts with: Human Immunogen Recombinant fragment. This information is the property of Abcam and/or its suppliers. Positive control Human prostate tissue General notes This product is a recombinant monoclonal antibody, offering several benefits […]

Rabbit Anti-Norovirus 1 Capsid Protein 1

Product name Anti-norovirus capsid protein VP1 antibody Description Rabbit polyclonal to norovirus VP1 capsid protein Host species Rabbit Specificity Species reactivity: Norovirus Hu / Texas / TCH04-577 / 2004 / US Species reactivity Reacts with: Other species Immunogen A synthetic peptide corresponding to the capsid protein of norovirus VP1 (N terminal). General notes The life […]

Feline serum albumin lyophilized powder,

Description This recombinant variant is recommended for use in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) pharmacological research; cell culture; drug administration research; and cell cryopreservation. Packaging 1, 5, 10 g in a polyethylene bottle Biochemical / Physiological Actions Albumins are soluble monomeric proteins found in body fluids and tissues of animals and in some plant […]

PCDHB14 antibody

Description PCDHB14 (protocadherin β14) belongs to the family of protocadherins. It is expressed mainly in the nervous system. It is located on chromosome 5. Immunogen Recombinant protein epitope signature tag of protocadherin beta 14 (perst) Request All Prestige Powered by Atlas Antibodies antibodies are developed and validated by the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project ( […]